Moment Marketing and how to capitalize on it

Have you ever came across a clever campaign or a meme shared by a brand? Or shared a trending meme posted by a brand? For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, It is moment marketing that capitalizes on having just the right message at just the right moment aka leveraging a viral trend or meme to be a part of the conversation. 

Moment marketing is a phenomenon many businesses leverages and we all have come across it in some way or another. It is not just a trend but a sensation here to stay. As it can be an incredible way to reach a very large audience and make a connection. Moment marketing can also be used to improve a brand image, reach more people and build brand credibility. 

This “magic” and “spontaneity” yield great viral potential, but that same risk can also create the possibility of huge error if not done properly.

Being target-driven has always been important since traditional marketing, but with expanding social media userbase and content getting outdated at a lightning-fast rate, moment marketing has become a major activity that marketers leverage.

How can moment marketing help your brand?

  • It gives an edge to brands allowing them to stand out and be memorable.  
  • Increases familiarity for the brand among the audience
  • Becomes a part of people’s newsfeeds organically
  • Increase brand credibility

How to design a Moment Marketing campaign that works?

The key to a successful Moment marketing campaign is to really “being there” when a customer reacts to a viral meme, TV ad, or some global event.

Designing a moment marketing campaign that needs to have risk-free results ask for a robust strategy. The marketer needs to be aware of the risk associated with choosing moments or trends to market. They need to be careful in the sensitivity of the audience because as many clever campaigns we have seen of moment marketing, there are countless others that have majorly backfired.

So, how a brand can leverage moment marketing to get great results? 

  • Seize the time

Moment marketing is all about the timing of the campaign. We never know what will get viral and to leverage that is to be agile and fast. One thing which we as an agency pride ourselves upon is how we create moment marketing campaigns for all our clients in their respective industries.

  • Keep sales at the center of your campaigns

Any campaign created should have a connection with a companies’ products or services. The goal of an agency is to increase sales and grow a company. 

  • Use humor

Delight the customer and leave an impression and what better way to do that than the use of humor in the campaign. Humor is memorable, it will increase the shares and help a brand increase impressions and reach.

  • Ride the pop culture wave

Brands need to be on top of things. Using pop culture to stay relevant is one of the ways to be memorable and connect with the audience. 

  • Make use of existing memes or make your own

Let’s just be honest, everyone loves memes. They are relatable to almost everyone and it’s humorous. For brands, Memes are a great way to reach millennials who spend over 200 minutes online every day.

Moment marketing is an ideal way to get attention and connect with an audience. Best of all it is a cost-effective way to market a brand. It allows a brand to put customers first and provide value in the form of great content.

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