How to market your business in the UAE

Starting or running a business in the UAE is already a big deal, but making sure people know about it can be a challenge. On top of it, marketing the brand is another ballpark altogether, especially for someone who doesn’t specialize in marketing. Today, we will discuss how you can market your business in the UAE.

UAE’s market is one of the most diverse markets out there. People from 200 countries live in the UAE, it is a melting pot of different demographics, cultures, and religions. Marketing to such a population takes heavy effort. Because of this, it is necessary to market to your audience in a way that matches their values and beliefs.

Before we dive into how we can promote a company in the UAE, let’s discuss what Marketing is and how it can benefit your brand!

Marketing is the process of getting people interested in a company’s product or service. It is about creating value and using storytelling as a means to promote a product or service. Marketing is not a single strategy, but a combination of many different techniques and tactics. Regardless of what type of marketing tactic a brand uses, it should be part of the process, not something separate. 

Successful marketing involves finding out what people want and how to send the message to them. Marketing the business in the UAE is not that different.

So, how do you make sure that people know about your brand?

Let’s dive deep into how a brand can be promoted in the UAE:

1. Understanding the UAE consumer

It’s crucial to understand the consumer mindset. With so many different cultures living together, it can be a monumental task. In the past few years, the consumer segment in the UAE has seen a lot of growth. This growth can be attributed to many factors but one of the main reasons for this recent emergence of consumerism is the shift in purchasing behavior caused by the increase in online shopping. Consumers are now willing to spend money on products that they know and trust. 

2. Leverage digital marketing strategies

Traditional marketing approaches have their place, but for growing your business you need to adjust to a new reality. Traditional marketing can be expensive and time-consuming. However, digital marketing gives you the advantages of online advertising without all the heavy lifting. Digital marketing gives you access to people and information at all times and eliminates the need for expensive media buys that may not generate as many leads or sales as expected. 

3. Create a brand

A brand is an essence or core value of the organization. Establish online presence the right way by using good designs, content, and functionality. A well-thought-out business identity can be the difference between having customers flock to the door and nobody even giving a second thought. Having a strong brand identity can help attract, retain and grow customers. 

4. Always put the customer first

Companies should always want to do what’s best for their clients and customers. Any business is going to be affected by a lot of decisions made by other parties. This is why the best thing a business can do for itself is to always put the customer first. Not only customers but their experience as well, it should always be the priority. Word of mouth can be the most amazing marketing strategy one should aim for but it’s not easy to make people talk about a brand. It takes effort and it starts with providing extremely good service and product to the customers.

The value of a brand increases when consumers talk about it positively

5. Always keep talking

It is not enough to just market your business. Entrepreneurs must know how to talk about it. Many new business owners struggle with this. But it is the most effective marketing tactic. No matter how little sales are achieved during the year, you should still be trying to communicate your story. Every entrepreneur must learn to tell their story. After all, your story is what makes you and your business unique.

Marketing shouldn’t be time-consuming or stressful. Although marketing in the UAE takes a specialized approach, it is not impossible to create a perfect marketing strategy. Choosing the right specialists is the first step a company needs to take.

Marketing in the UAE can be very easy with Sociale Mix. We are a specialized Dubai marketing agency that has helped a variety of startups, and established companies market themselves in a new-age marketing way. 

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