10 Important Benefits of Social Media Marketing Every Business Should Know

Did you know that the internet was started in 1996?

Now in 2021, Social media is one of the most popular activities on the internet and it is to nobody’s surprise that social networking penetration across all regions is constantly increasing. Social media usage is projected to jump over 4.41 billion by the year 2025. So, is your brand leveraging the popularity of social media in order to be successful?

We know that social media marketing requires both strategy and creativity. Plus, its benefits extend far beyond increasing sales. Here are a few:

1. Increased Brand Awareness:

According to a study in 2020, 98.98% of the UAE population at 9.73 is active on social media. Social media has a great reach for businesses in the UAE. If a social media marketing strategy is implemented right, it results in increased brand awareness, better conversions, and higher credibility.

2. More Inbound Traffic

Are you looking to get more traffic on your website or a blog? Social media marketing can be a great way to generate buzz around it. Therefore, by using the social media platform’s ever-changing features such as stories, reels, videos, or IG guides, you will be able to reach new people who otherwise won’t be able to find your website.

3. Improved Search Engine Rankings

Social media marketing can assist in sending customers directly to your site. It is not possible to get all your traffic through search engines. Whereas through social media, you can provide new updates to your followers directly and drive traffic from social media to your website.

4. Higher Conversion Rates

Social media increases the chances of conversion. Through a well-curated feed, content curation, and interactive strategy, you can increase your conversion rates as people like to buy from places where they are made to be felt good. Building better relationships with your audience are the key to get better results for your business. Social media marketing can be a great tool to achieve higher conversion.

5. Better Customer Satisfaction

Social media gives a brand a platform to be in direct touch with its customers. It is a sure wire way to get instant feedback and see what others are talking about in the industry. Collected feedback can be used to get better customer satisfaction.

6. Improved Brand Loyalty

Brands are built on social media platforms. Gone are the days when customers will buy from any store, but now consumers are looking for experience as well. They are shopping with their eyes and ears. They want to be delighted and social media is one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to reach that goal. When social media strategy is done right, it breeds brand loyalty, builds credibility, and more impressions among other things.

7. More Brand Authority

A brand needs to position itself as an industry leader. There are countless ways to do that but one of them is being active on social media. Communication plays a key role in making a brand authoritative. How a brand communicates with its audience tells a lot about it. Impressions from these interactions last a long time. When consumers notice you being active on social media, providing insights to the industry, it makes a brand credible and industry leader.

8. Cost-Effective

Social media marketing is easily the most cost-effective to get a brand in front of prospective customers. Given the reach, social media has currently, if a brand is not active on social media, it is losing customers and impressions. Comparing this with expensive billboards, there are no reasons to not be active on social media.

9. Gain Marketplace Insights

“Be where your customers are” What better way to understand what your customers needs than Social Listening. Social media can act as an alternative research tool to gain insights into the industry, what people are talking about, and what they need. Being one step further than your competitors pays more than your investment in the long-term.

10. Get Social Proof

Yes, likes and followers are vanity metrics. But social media is one of the best ways to get social proof. Obviously, the content of it must be worth getting a lot of shares or it must be authoritative. Audiences follow accounts they find interesting and worth sharing with their friends. Social media marketing requires both strategy and creativity. If done right, it increases followers and visitors on a brands’ accounts.

It’s clear that social media marketing is not just important for businesses today, but can provide benefits that far exceed reach and likes.

Social media marketing, if done right, can make your business scale up. We have seen countless times through organized content and deliberate strategy how social media has helped businesses around the world reach their goals.

There are literally no reasons to not be on social media right now. From being cost-effective to bigger reach, it is now a go-to platform for brands to be on. Your competitors are most probably on all major social media platforms. Are you? 

Is your brand struggling to grow or capture the right attention on social media? Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you. We are a social media agency in Dubai focussing on content creation, digital strategy, and marketing consultation.

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